Step One: Set up your Moodle Account: <>

  • Select a username

  • Select a password: must include one non-alphanumeric character, must be a minimum of six character; make it personal and memorable! We cannot look up forgotten passwords, but we can reset your password

  • Complete all required fields, including "City" and "Country"

Step Two: Log-in and "enrol" in the Graettinger-Terril Sandbox presentation. You need an "enrolment" key, which is 'sandbox' (no quotes)

Once you are enrolled, allow me a moment to promote you to a teacher level of access!

Step Three: Go to your top, right corner, and turn Editing On

Step Four: Exploring Resources

Step Five: Exploring Assignments

Final Thought: Statewide Moodle Site is

Uses a Google account login

Once logged in, submit a help ticket to be promoted to editing privileges